The Detailed Q1 2023 Roadmap


In-depth Neatio project development milestones for the year 2023, quarter 1.

▸ Q1 2023 Roadmap

The creation of a new roadmap for 2023 is an important step for the Neatio project as it sets the direction and priorities for the coming year. This roadmap will outline the major goals and objectives that the Neatio project aims to achieve in 2023, such as the development of new features, partnerships, and overall ecosystem development. It will also include an informative timeline of when these goals will be achieved but note that this goals are not set in stone and things may not happen in this particular order evn though we will make our best to respect this order. The new roadmap was released as a tool for the community to understand the project’s vision and progress only.

▸ Client Code Rework

The reworking of the Neatio client core code is a significant step for Neatio project as it ensures that the client software is efficient, secure, and easy to use for our validators. This code rework will involve a thorough review of the existing codebase, identifying and addressing some bugs that our validators pointed out. We will also implement new features on the Neatio client. This will ensure that the Neatio client software is reliable and user-friendly, which will attract more users to the project.

▸ Neatio Blog Launch

The launch of a Neatio blog (this blog) is an important step for Neatio as it allows the Neatio team members to communicate regularly with the community and provide valuable insights into the project’s progress and developments. The blog will be used to share news, updates, and educational content about the project such as tutorials and other valuable info graphics. It will also be a platform for the community to ask questions and provide feedback to the team (*this feature is yet to be implemented).

▸ Off-chain Governance

The implementation of off-chain governance is another important step for the Neatio project as it allows for the community vote for the direction of the project and the $NEAT coin holders will have a greater voice in decision-making and management of the project since the coins will act as shares in the project ecosystem. This model allows for the Neatio project to be governed by a decentralized group of individuals, rather than being dependent on the team for decision making. This allows anyone who is holding the $NEAT coin to express his opinion by proposing and/or just voting on the Neatio project’s governance model.

▸ Bitcointalk Bounty 1

  • Launching a bounty campaign on is in our opinion an effective way to promote the Neatio project to more crypto related people and attract new community members, developers and investors to the Neatio project. The bounty program will also incentivize our community members to participate in various activities such as social media campaigns (Twitter/Facebook), article writing and translation work. This will help to increase awareness and interest in the Neatio project, as well as reward community members for their efforts and contributions.

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